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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buy Autographed Pictures of Jesus

Here's some text from the ebay listing:
I picked this unbelievable historical artifact at an estate sale in Bethlehem. Truly two amazing historical pieces in very good condition. 

Finally silence those naysayers and unbelievers with these ancient artifacts.

These pictures have a Atheist conversion rate of 1 to 1. That's 100%. Any Atheist will instantly understand the significance and importance of this find. When you bring out the photo, some even say that you can hear the Angels singing and trumpets and harps and stuff. If that isn't Holy.. I don't know what is!

The author of the auction was pretty creative with his/her satire. The two post cards sold for $1.04 with an additional $8 for shipping. It's still loads cheaper than the miracle marble Jesus that cost $21 million.
Ebay link

Found over at Jesus Needs New PR.