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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gays Are Murdering Uganda

New editorial written by Scott Lively for Ryan Sorba's Young Conservatives of California. Lively is a Christian activist who led the 2009 anti-gay conference in Uganda which acted as a catalyst for their anti-homosexuality bill. Refer to my older post to see a video on Ryan Sorba.

Uganda is being murdered. The nation once called “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, a lush and beautiful country as fertile as the Nile Delta. This great and honorable nation, alone in Africa to have all but conquered the scourge of AIDS through abstinence - and whose First Lady led a holy gathering of thousands of believers on the eve of the millennium, dedicating her homeland “to Jesus Christ for a thousand years” - this Uganda, a shining light in the Dark Continent, is being murdered.

The murderers are the lavender Marxists, the now-global network of sexual revolutionaries bent on remaking the entire world in their own perverted image. These revolutionists of Sodom, who march triumphantly through all the major cities of the western world to flaunt their defeat of moral law, and who hold both Hollywood and the heart of America’s president in their iron grip: These very same zealots have fixed their malevolent gaze on Christian Uganda.