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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Volunteer Church Security Guard Saved Lives, Later Kicked Out for Being a Lesbian

The guard hailed as a hero after the December 2007 shooting at New Life Church says the church indicated she was not welcome there after she informed church officials that she is gay.

In a speech last Saturday at the Pride Center's annual masquerade ball, a fundraiser for the gay community, Jeanne Assam said that she had accepted her sexual identity after a long struggle but that church officials had pushed her away.

Assam was celebrated for ending a murderous rampage at New Life on Dec. 9, 2007. That morning, 24-year-old Matthew Murray shot and killed two parishioners after having killed two other people the night before at a training center for Christian missionaries in Arvada. Assam, a member of New Life serving as a volunteer security guard, fired repeatedly at Murray, wounding him and pinning him down. He then shot himself.