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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ex-Lesbian Kidnaps Child with Help from Christians

A pastor charged with helping a woman kidnap her daughter from her lesbian partner may have had help from a network of groups with roots in the Christian and missionary world, according to court documents. The pastor, Timothy Miller, was arrested last week in Alexandria, Va. A criminal complaint filed by the FBI in a federal court in Vermont alleges that he aided in the "international parental kidnapping" of Isabella Miller Jenkins, the daughter of the former lesbian couple Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins. Isabella is now 9.

Court documents claim that Timothy Miller, 34, left a computer trail that shows family members as well as friends and associates were discussing Lisa Miller's flight to Nicaragua on emails both before and after she disappeared nearly two years ago.

The trail shows that Rev. Miller's mother-in-law's credit card was used to purchase plane tickets for the missing mother and daughter who flew from Toronto to Mexico to El Salvador and then to Managua, Nicaragua. Timothy Miller and his wife, Joanna, have served as missionaries in Nicaragua, according to court documents.

via ABC News